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Oh Tiger Lily!

cheer for children
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This community is for children’s book art or other whimsical art reminiscent of children’s book art.

The best things to post in this community are:
Especially lush and colorful children’s book art, both old and new.
Work by contemporary artists that evokes children’s book illustrations or fairy tales.
Whimsical antique postcards.
Prints, wall hangings, or textiles that seem appropriate to the theme of children's book art.

Things not to post:
Your own artwork.
Very minimalist or modern looking children’s book illustrations.
“I’m looking for this book” type entries.

Please include names of artists when possible & please put multiple pictures under a cut.
All posts are moderated. Please try to make your scans and photos look as good as possible, try to keep them a consistent size within a post, this will keep the whole community looking nice The ascetic I'm trying to keep here is sort of specific. Just look at what’s been posted already and use your best discretion when posting and it’ll probably be fine!